Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have duplicate transactions on my credit card?

Please be advised that Mizbarn does not charge duplicate transactions! 

If there are duplicate transactions on your credit card, that means one or more of your attempted transactions were declined.

Every time you attempt a transaction, and it is declined, it may show up on your credit card account as a TEMPORARY CHARGE.

These declined charges did not go through, and as a result, you did not receive receipts or order confirmations which are automatically generated if a transaction is successful.

Only successful transactions generate a receipt and order confirmation. You should receive an order number, and an invoice automatically.


PLEASE BE ADVISED that these charges may TEMPORARILY show up, but because they were declined, they should disappear.

We ask for your patience until then.


Please contact your bank for further assistance!


If after a few days, the temporary charge DOES NOT DISAPPEAR; only then, please reach out to us via email:

Please contact us using the email you registered at (billing address) and make sure to give us your Order Number so we may further assist you.


What are the reasons for declined credit card payments?

a) There may be insufficient funds on your account. Please contact card issuer (bank) for more assistance.

b) You are an APO/FPO international customer placing order from overseas. Some overseas banks may not be able to issue payment to our site, if they don’t meet certain security requirements. Please try a different card from a different bank. If the problem persists, please reach out to us via email at

c) AVS Mismatch - your billing address is not matching with billing address on your bank file. It must match completely, including the house number. Please contact the card issuer (bank) for more assistance.

d) A Gift Card or a Prepaid Card is used. These forms of payment are not accepted on our website.

e) There may be duplicate transaction(s) - you may have submitted two transactions during a short period. Please try again after five minutes.


Is my credit card and personal information protected and secure while using your site? 

Mizbarn takes your privacy and personal information seriously and use every precaution necessary to make sure your shopping experience is secure. We use the latest updated Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your private information and credit card information. All payment processing goes through Authorize.Net which is one of the largest and safest payment gateways available for internet shopping. Your credit card account number is never stored in our systems throughout the entire transaction period. For more details and information, please visit our Privacy Notice.


Does Mizbarn charge sales tax?

As we are headquartered in New Jersey, we charge sales tax only for orders shipped within the State of New Jersey. 


How accurate are the hair color swatches provided on your website?

All color swatches are provided by the manufacturers and are for general reference only. All colors may vary depending on how they are viewed by a customer’s computer display, or browser settings. Please note that the colors depicted in color swatches can vary slightly from the actual product colors. For best results, please visit your local beauty supply store to select wig/weaving colors. However, we cannot guarantee that the color you see matches the product color, as the display of the color depends, in part, upon the monitor you are using.


How do I leave a review?

1. Log into your registered member account.

2. Find the item listing on our website.

3. Scroll to the bottom and click on REVIEW.

4. Write and Submit your Review.

5. Officially be entered to win Mizbarn Reward Points!


How do I apply a reward/credit to the payment option?

At the last stage of check out, on the payment section, there is a section above that says "Use my reward points...." You just click on that, and it'll apply!
Please make sure that you are logged into your account.


How do I order?

1. Log in or register to your Mizbarn Account    

2. Choose the products you would like to purchase           

3. Go to your cart           

4. Agree to terms of service by clicking the check box          

5. Click proceed to checkout           

6. Type in or choose your billing and shipping addresses           

7. Choose the desired shipping method           

8. Type in the payment information           

9. Review your order          

10. Place your order      


How do I make a  RETURN REQUEST?

Go to “My Account” and select the ORDERS tab – from there, you will find the RETURN REQUEST option. This will alert us that you have made an official RETURN REQUEST, so that we can authorize it and further proceed with your return procedure.

You must also email us with your intent to return the item, so we can ensure the firm receipt of the item(s).


Where is my order shipped from?

All orders from Mizbarn are shipped from NJ.


How much is shipping charge?

Shipping charges will be calculated at the time of shipping and it may vary with

● Location             

● Weight             

● Shipping services             

● Shipping Methods             


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship outside of the United States.


How can I cancel or change my order?

You may cancel or change the order if the items are still at our facility and you must contact us to make a change. Once it is shipped, we cannot make changes or cancel the order. 

Contact Us.


What do I do with damaged or defective merchandise?

We check each item before it’s shipped to make sure they are new items received from the manufacturer. But if the item is damaged or defective, please contact us with a picture of the defective item and you will be contacted on how to proceed.


What do I do if I receive a wrong item?

If you received a wrong item, please contact us for us to investigate the matter. We will require a picture of the wrong item for us to verify the items. Once it has been verified, we will email you back a pre-paid return label for you to return it back to us. During this process, we will ship the correct item.


What do you guys accept as payment?

Mizbarn accepts credit card orders using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and Paypal.


Can I order by phone?

Mizbarn currently only allows purchases through the website but there may be exceptions if you contact us. So please contact us if you need further assistance.


How do I change my shipping or billing address?

You can edit your shipping or billing address for your account by following:

1. Go to your account

2. Click address

3. Edit your addresses

You can only edit your address for shipping.


I lost my password.

You can retrieve your password here.


If your questions are not listed here, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will gladly answer your questions as quickly as possible. 

Click here to Contact Us.